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Welcome to the Rain Pack
Please read the Rules and Regulations before joining.
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Weather Forecast
Summer fell upon the Rain pack sooner than expected. Each day temperatures inch up higher, but it's still too soon in the season for any heat waves. Nights are comfortable and alive with prey -similar to the day. With the warm weather comes our favorite: rain showers! These sporadic showers come and go throughout the days lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours! The territory is returning to it's lush mossy glory as this ideal weather continues to progress.

Natural Disasters


Season Changes
September 22nd

Mating: Higher Ranks Only (optional)
Birthing: No

The Rain Pack is an online semi-realistic, literate wolf pack RPG website.

Members are welcoming, and seek to strive by thorough participation.

We take in anyone and raise them to excellence, focusing on the experience.



The Rain Pack has grown for three years.

All of our members have come a very long way, and share many memories. We want you to join our journey.

We are a loving community, who share a mutual fascination and adoration for wolves.



The Rain Pack focuses on one pack, one family.

The bonds we create, and the memories we share.

We welcome you to join us.


Prepare for the downpour